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OPEN - About Us

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OPEN - About Us



OPEN is an acronym for "Open Public Education Now". It was started in 2005 by a small group of Christian men of various demonitions concerned about how Origin Theories were being taught in the Kansas public schools to our children. This group is supportive of the conservative majority of the Kansas State Board of Education and the revised Science Standards that the board approved in November of 2005.


Besides weekly meetings, OPEN sponsered a lecture by state board chairman Steve Abrhams in early winter of 2005 and a presentation by Dr. Carl Baugh in July of 2006.


Although the current members are Christian, the group is open (no pun intended) to anyone who shares our concerns as noted in the draft Mission Statement below.


If you would like more information, please contact me.


Draft Mission Statement

*Purpose and Mission

*Draft August 2, 2006


OPEN is a voluntary association of Christians in the Independence, Kansas area who are dedicated to assuring that when origin theories are presented by public education teachers, the associated constraints and flaws are included as well. OPEN believes that without their inclusion, children in the public education system of Kansas (K through 12th grade) will tend to accept origin theories as fact.


The term ‘Origin Theories’ refers to the topics: origin of man; origin of life; origin of the earth, solar system and the universe.


OPEN promotes their objective:

   (1) through research in origin theories, policies initiated and documents composed by the Kansas State Board of Education and teaching practices in state school districts;

   (2) by presenting to officials, educators and the public the results of this research and

   (3) by promoting where needed, reforms to insure that Kansas students understand the limitations of these origin theories.

   (4) By networking with similar associations and organizations throughout the state of Kansas and the nation.


Membership into the OPEN association is available to anyone who is willing to constructively pursue the above objective.

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