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Greetings to all visitors!

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This website is devoted to addressing the issues surrounding the teaching of Evolution in the public schools in Kansas. As such, it also is focused on the 2006 elections for the State Board of Education taking place in the odd number districts of the state and in particular District 9 where I live.


It is only fair that you know at the outset that I, the author and a Kansan, am a Christian and believe God created the heavens and the earth. I am unsure as to the details, some form of evolution may be involved and this is true of intelligent design as well. A major part of man's quest in life is the understanding of how he/she got to be. Both science and religion help to provide answers to human seekers. Both have a legitimate place in our society.


For some time I have been concerned that the way evolution may be taught in public schools could lead some of our children away from God. The best of our morality comes from the spirit. The gospel of Jesus Christ when taken to heart encourages us to love our fellow man and to treat them as our selves. If the origin of man and the universe is taught from an evolutionary approach and as fact, the young mind can then make the logical inference that there is no God. Ponder that for a moment.


I am neither a bible literalist nor a total evolution proponent. I look for God not only in the Bible but in the beauty of nature and in the eyes of my fellow man. My readings cover the gamet of anything spiritual that comes my way. If it appeals to my heart and to my understanding of Jesus' teachings, I incorporate it into the my religious philosophy.


Evolution makes no accommodation for the spirit. In fact, there is no discipline of science that does. Yet how can the origin of man be discussed without the inclusion of spirit? How can the origin of matter, our universe be discussed without the origin of man? As you will see in the page of Definitions the Theory of Evolution has constraints.


The purpose for this website is to provide resources that should help to make informed decisions regarding educational curriculum policy concerning the origins of man and the universe in our state. These resources are large and diverse. I have not digested them all. A good starting point is in the State Board of Education Science Standards, a policy document of the material upon which students will be tested from time to time in the State Assessments. But if your are unsure of exactly what the theory of evolution or intelligent design is, I have attempted t provide some understandable documentation to assist you. My hope is within the information on this website; you will be aided in the selection of a candidate for the upcoming Board of Education election that best fits your desires for the children of our state.


This is a free website made possible by the folks at pbwiki.com. The google adds come with the free site. Some of these ads are related to the content of the displayed page. You may find them interesting. 6/24/06 I didn't!


In using this website, I recommend that you browse through all the topics on the Sidebar to get a feel what is offered. The Journal gives a chronology of the building of this website, started in June of 2006.


If the information provided here helps you in determining what is best for our children and the candidate in your district that will most likely promote your preference, I will feel successful in the time and energy spent. Feel free to Contact Me. I make no promises but welcome interaction. I hope eventually to enable some sort of commenting by page on this website.


Suggested Order of Page Readings

    1. Journal of Website Updates

    2. Definitions of Evolution

    3. Science Standards

    4. School District Curriculums

    5. Commentaries

    6. Media on Standards Changes

    7. District 9 Election

    8. Books on Evolution

    9. Videos on Evolution


I would be delighted to obtain your comments online as well. Please do so by signing my Guestbook.


Regards, Sorrells

Independence, Kansas

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Comments (2)

Anonymous said

at 4:03 pm on Jun 18, 2006

nice website.

Anonymous said

at 4:05 pm on Jun 18, 2006

I agree. I like it also!

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