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District 9 Election

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District 9 Election



This website is focused on District 9 in southeast Kansas where 3 candidates are running for this board position. They are, in alphabetical order, Brad Patzer, Jana Shaver and Kent Runyan. All three have websites. I am partial to Brad but hope to provide you with a fairly even review here. My page of Opinion (not yet created) will be where the soapbox is.


All of the candidates websites are worth reviewing. They contain personal, professional and specific issue information. For the purposes of this website, I have defined the candidates as cnoservative or moderate. Liberal may be a possibility but until I understand each of them better and knowing the nature of the good folk of Kansas, we will begin with the first two of these labels.


If any candidate feels unfairly labeled, please contact me with your reasons why and I shall update this page accordingly.



Background on District 9

The district 9 seat is currently held by Iris Van Meter of rural Thayer. She is one of the conservative 6 member majority. She is finishing her first term and does not want to run again. Brad Patzer is her son-in-law.


District 9 is located in Southeast Kansas, kind of stretching northwest up to Emporia. Its major cities include Baxter Springs, Burlington, Chanute, Coffeyville, Columbus, Council Grove, Emporia, Fort Scott, Fredonia, Galena, Independence, Iola, Oswego, Parsons, Pittsburg, and the Yellow Brick Road town of Sedan.



Brad Patzer

Brad lives in Neodesha and teaches at the Middle School in Caney.



Jana Shaver

Jana lives in Independence and has retired from the Independence School District where her last position for many years was that of Curriculum Director.


Kent Runyan

Kent is a professor at Pittsburg State University where he also lives.



A Question for the District 9 Candidates

I sent this to all 3 candidates by email today, July 17, 2006.



I have created a website devoted to the issues surrounding the Kansas State Board of Education and the Science Standards they revised in November, 2005. I support these standards as they are and want to know if you will.

   In order to find out, I am asking that you answer the questions below. I have posted these questions on my website (http://evolutioninkansas.pbwiki.com) with the date I have sent them to you. I will post your responses exactly as I receive them with the data received.

   You make as many responses as you desire over the course of this campaign. Every one will be posted. In this way, I hope our voters who visit will have a clear understanding of your position on this issue.

   My thanks in advance for your responses,

      Sorrells Dewoody




July 17, 2006   If elected, will you vote to retain the Kansas Science Standards as approved by the State Board of Education in November, 2005?


   This is a yes or no answer. For either answer, give me your reasons why.


Brad Patzer Response

  • Received July 18, 2006 3:03 PM email




The science standards were validated and approved in an open public process that took a year to complete. They emphasize empirical science that is observable, measureable, repeatable, testable, and falsifiable. Poll after poll consistently point to the desire of parents to have their children exposed to all of the scientific evidence, not just that which supports naturalistic evolution.


   Thanks, Brad


Unofficial Primary Election Results

Unfortunatly my candidate did not pass voter muster. The unoffical primary results are as follows:


Jana Shaver:   13,038 votes,   58%


Brad Patzer:   9,627 votes,   43%


I will update with final count when it comes in. The link to the state tally is http://www.kssos.org/ent/montgomery.html. I will again ask candidates Shaver and Runyan the same question in a week or two. Perhaps they may be more willing to answer now.

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